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As one of the Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Washington, St. Peter’s School is rooted in Gospel values and the teaching mission of the Catholic Church. Located in Waldorf, MD, St. Peter’s offers a Catholic elementary and middle school learning community of faith and service that is dedicated to educational equity and excellence for all students.

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Academic Standards

The Archdiocese of Washington develops academic standards for students to achieve in subjects offered through the Catholic schools of the archdiocese. Curriculum, instruction, and assessment are based on national standards set by professional organizations and focus on the individual growth of each child. St. Peter’s School strives to meet or exceed these standards.

The curriculum for Pre-Kindergarten at St. Peter’s is based on recommendations from the National Association for Education of Young Children

Accreditations & Affiliations

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Pre-Kindergarten Program

The St. Peter’s Pre-K is a full-day program that follows the normal school day schedule, 8:00 a.m. until 3:15 p.m. The class is comprised of 20 children with one lead teacher and one teacher’s aide.

In Pre-K, students learn the basics of how to understand the rules of school and follow classroom procedures that are developmentally appropriate for four and five year olds. They learn social skills like kindness, respect, sharing, being a good friend, and other important life skills. Socialization, being a good listener, and following classroom rules are extremely important components of Pre-K.

Pre-K subjects include language arts, math, social studies, science, and religion. Since this is a Catholic school, we incorporate Jesus and God into many of our lessons to work on our understanding that God always loves us and cares for us. We also do many arts and crafts activities throughout our lessons to help strengthen fine motor skills and express creativity.


Report Cards & Interims

Pre-K – Grade 3

In grades Pre-K through 3, grades are based on student performance and teacher observation. These students are graded as follows:

EE = Exceeds the grade level expectations at this time
ME = Meets the grade level expectations at this time
AE = Approaching the grade level expectations at this time
NE = Not approaching the grade level expectations at this time
X = Not assessed at this time

Grades 4 – 8

Students in grades 4-8 are graded as follows:

A = Excellent – 93-100
B = Good – 85-92
C = Average – 77-84
D = Poor but passing – 70-76
F = Failure – Below 70

Guidelines for Honor Rolls

Students in grades 4-8 may earn the privilege of being named to the “High Honors” or “Honor Roll” at the end of each grading period. Both honor rolls are based on the grades earned in all academic subjects: Religion, Reading or Literature, English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Spanish, Art, Physical Education, Music, and Science.

High Honors: The student must earn a GPA of 3.7 or higher with no D’s or F’s in any subject.

Honor Roll: The student must earn a GPA of 3.0 to 3.6 in all academic subjects listed above with no D’s or F’s in any subject.

Interim Reports

Interim reports are sent to all parents of students in grades 4-8 via email at the midpoint of the marking period. These reports are extremely important in notifying parents and making them aware of any academic deficiencies or progress being made.

Extracurricular Activities

In these tough economic times, extracurricular activities are often the first thing to be cut at public schools. This is not the case at St. Peter’s. We believe that you cannot educate a child solely with the core curriculum.

From band to art club to team sports, these activities allow our children to grow in ways that they cannot within the classroom. It encourages them to develop different ways of thinking and provides increased self-confidence and team-spirit. These lessons are critical as the child grows into an adult.

St. Peter’s is proud to offer the following extracurricular activities:

  • Band
  • STEM
  • Sports (including volleyball, softball, & soccer)
  • Middle school electives
  • Destination Imagination 

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Standardized Testing

Standardized testing is one of the many tools the Archdiocese of Washington Catholic schools use to measure our students’ mastery of important concepts and skills. The primary purpose of testing is to improve students’ learning and teachers’ teaching by identifying both strengths and areas of improvement. Test scores are an important measure of performance, but they cannot and should not be the sole criteria upon which a family decides which Catholic school best fits their unique circumstances.
A well-rounded Catholic education begins at St. Peter’s School.
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