Catholic School Waldorf, MD │ Pre-K – Eighth Grade │ St. Peter's School

Anchored in Christian Virtues

Christian-Centered Education in a Warm and Welcoming Environment

Meet Our Teachers

The teachers at St. Peter's School put the needs of your child first, and will do whatever it takes to ensure they are receiving the education that is necessary for their age. We strive to get to know every parent and answer any questions they may have about our programs. We enjoy getting to know every family and showing them all the great reasons why our school is perfect for their child. Take a look at our great teachers from Pre-K to 8th grade!

Teacher: Miss Russell
Assistant: Mrs. Delani Norman
Teacher: Mrs. Cheryl Kimm
Aides: Mrs. Kim Farley & Mrs. Hankinson
1st Grade
Teacher: Mrs. Meagan Kimm
Aide: Mrs. Laurie Gidoni
2nd Grade
Teacher: Mrs. Suzette Gibson
Aide: Mrs. Suzanne Leginze
3rd Grade
Teacher: Mrs. Margo VanDenBossche
Aide: Mrs. Kim Richards
4th Grade
Teacher: Mrs. Diana Durkin
Aide: Mr. Matt Strain
5th Grade
Teacher: Mr. Matt Strain
6th Grade
Teacher: Ms. Haley Potter
- 6th Grade Homeroom
- 6th, 7th & 8th Grade English and literature
7th Grade
Teacher: Mr. Gavin Arvizo
- 7th Grade Homeroom
- 6th, 7th & 8th Grade Social Studies & Religion
8th Grade
Teacher: Mrs. Beth Watson
- 8th grade homeroom teacher
- 6th, 7th, and 8th graders math & science